Not accepting new submissions at the time.

Sprite Press is a small press dedicated to bringing the public short illustrated books focused on both entertaining and educating children.

We do like to keep length brief (32 pages with illustrations) and always include a craft with each story. We cover ages 6-12 and do not do chapter books at present.

The point of view of your story should be from a child or animal, with appropriate exceptions. When using animals, please keep them consistent with their real nature. Fiction should conform to standard conventions: the story poses a problem or question; child or animal solves problem; the rule of three tries before success is good to follow, but not required. Stories need not have an explicit moral or lesson, but they should have a point. Don't lecture the reader.

We do not restrict authors to specific lists of grade level words, but language should be appropriate to intended audience. Do not preface dialogue with a dialogue tag ("He said," "She asked," etc.). Give a few words of dialogue before a tag (this is not necessary with action tags).

Artists are encourage to send a sample of their work for considerations in future publications.

We strongly urge you to try large publishers before contacting us. Original stories and art may be submitted via regular mail at the postal address below, or via email. E-mail attachments will not be accepted, so please paste your story in the body of your e-mail. Be sure to include your contact information.

We are a small, primarily print-on-demand publisher. We rely heavily on author efforts to market books. Payment is per copies sold. We assign ISBN, and author retains copyright. Query for more information.