Sprite Press Books


Have You Seen a Fairy?

Susan looses her first tooth and receives a visit from the tooth fairy. Have you seen a fairy? Susan wants to know.

Cormac and the Pear Tree

The silent call of ripe pears lures Cormac the pot bellied pig from his pen and provides a challenge to capture the wily pig.


Beetlebopper is colored unlike other bugs but he finds out that he is wonderful in his own way.


A Japanese tale about a crane.

Seeing Stars

Jamie's birthday party offers an opportunity to learn about zodiac constellations. Locate your birthday constellation in the sky with this book.

Canneh the Reluctant Christmas Camel

Will Camel reach his destination in time for Christmas?

Quimby and the Tree Den

Isaac the Frog

A boy pretends to be a frog.

The Bucket

A little girl learns a valuable lesson.

A Summer Day

Experience the passing of a glittery day. The sun makes the world sparkle from sun up to sun down.

Who is Santa?

Santa comes in many shapes and sizes in this interesting tale.

Tricia and the Blue Cap

A delightful tale about a tom boy and her favorite blue cap.

The Toad Princess

An ugly prince and an ugly princess seek love despite their appearance. Can they find love even though they are ugly on the outside? 

The Pig Who Ate Halloween

This pig finds its way into trouble when it eats a pumpkin at Halloween.

An Egg For Amy Loo

A young girl joins and Easter egg hunt but is too slow to get any eggs. The other children share their eggs with her and she ends up with a basket full. 

Tom Comes to Dinner

Tom the turkey shows he is useful to Farmer Brown when he runs off intruders attacking them when they try to take his friend Wilma the Chicken.

Cormac and the Coyote

Will this little piggy get away or become the Coyote's next meal?