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Tenaya Jacob (Author)

 Tenaya Jacob, author of Have You Seen a Fairy?, lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.  She writes children's stories, poetry, short book reviews, and romance.  Her book of poems, Seasonings of the Soul, was published in December 2007. She is also the webmaster and marketing director for Sprite Press.


Kim Richards   (Author)

 Kim Richards, author of Aiko,  lives in Roswell, New Mexico. She writes children's stories, poetry, book and television show reviews, inspirational pieces and adult science fiction/fantasy/horror. Her novel, The Death of Jabari, was published in December 2000.  Her website is www.kim-richards.com 


Lyn Chamberlain (Author)    

 Lyn Chamberlain, who comes from a family of gifted storytellers, wrote Quinby and the Tree Den and lives in Columbus, Ohio. 


Nell DuVall (Author)  

 Nell DuVall, author of the award-winning story The Bucket, is a grandmother and the owner of the real Cormac the pig. She lives in Columbus, Ohio, but has traveled to many fascinating places around the world.  Her time travel romance, Train to Yesterday, was published in  February 2008.                                                                                                 

Mel Jacob (Author)  

 Mel Jacob, one of the Sprite Press founders, designs our books, crafts and out activities for each book.  She is also a freelance writer with a number of nonfiction books and articles.

 Rita Haban (Author)    

 Rita Haban, author of Who IS Santa? won a number of prizes for her poetry and stories.  Sadly, she passed away in 2003.  She published two books and loved writing for children.


Margaret Leis Hanna (Author)    

 Margaret Leis Hanna lives with her husband, Bill, in Gahanna, Ohio. A former teacher, now author and poet, she has a number of publications to her credit, including Tricia and the Blue Cap. She writes about children and their interests, from her experience as a mother of six and grandmother of two.


Peggy Hanna (Author)    

 Peggy Hanna and her husband live in Champaign County, Ohio. Together they have nine children and fourteen grandchildren. Peggy has had several articles and a short story published, and has received several honorable mentions in Writers' Digest contests. Peggy writes for all ages, and teamed up with her sister, Loretta Jacobson, on Beetlebopper. Look for her book, Patriotism, Peace and Vietnam: A Memoir.


Christine Irvin (Author)    

 Christine Irvin, a freelance writer, lives in Grove City, Ohio with her husband, three kids and a dog. She has published several stories along with Isaac the Frog. Her work has appeared in Highlights for Children, Challenge, Our Little Friend, and Curiocity Columbus. Her eight-book series, Craft Mania, is available at bookstores now. In her spare time, Christine likes to read, do crafts and shop.


Loretta Jacobson (Artist)    

 Loretta Jacobson, sister of Peggy Hanna, lives in West Chicago, Illinois. She and her husband have three children and six grandchildren. Beetlebopper is her first work as an illustrator, but certainly not the last.


Sally Less (Author & Artist)    

 Sally Less is an author and artist. She has illustrated several Sprite Press books. She lives in Dublin, Ohio with her husband, son and daughter. Her latest project is a Young Adult novel.


Deborah Li (Artist)    

 Deborah Li is a surprising young lady. She created the illustrations for Tricia and The Blue Cap at the age of 14. We look for her artwork to pop up everywhere in the future.


Dave Weltner (Artist)    

 Dave Weltner is a graphic designer and cartoonist who has illustrated several Sprite Press books, starting with A Summer Day. He is a graduate of Ohio State University and Central Academy of Commercial Art, and retired from his 42-year career as Director of Advertising at the Columbus Dispatch. Dave is also a musician, writer, and woodcarver.


David North(Artist)

David North is an artist who has worked on comic books, card games, video games, and fantasy novels and now wishes to show the power of imagination to children. Have You Seen a Fairy? is the first kids book he has illustrated.  He is also the illustrator for The Toad Princess.  You can see his works at http://www.davidnorthillustration.com/


Lavana Lemley(Artist)

Lavana Lemley lives in Vienna, WV. She works with a variety of mediums such as oil and acrylic painting , clay sculptures, and her favorite is charcoal drawings. She attends the West Virginia University of Parkersburg with intentions of transferring to pursue the study of animation and storyboarding. She illustrated The Pig Who Ate Halloween and is now working on a new book, An Egg for Amy Loo for Easter, 2009.