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Creative Cranes!
If you would like to fold a paper crane, just like in the book Aiko, follow the directions on this site: Origami for everyone!-Crane
Pleasant Potbellied Pigs
The real-life Cormac is a Vietnamese potbellied pig.  At Pig Pals Sanctuary, find out about this special kind of pig.  Take a look at their Picture Page, and you can see that pigs come in many colors and sizes!
Scintillating Stars
When you look up at the night sky, are you Seeing Stars? Dustbunny's Astronomy Nine Plannets page, will teach you about planets, stars, and constellations. There is even a Beginner's page that tells you how to start stargazing at home!
Cats and Kittens are Cute

If you liked the cat in The Bucket then go to About cats for more information and fun pictures of cats and kittens.

 Word Puzzle Fun
Try our Word Search based on words from our first three books.
Cool Camels!
You can print and cut out your own bookmarks with dromedary camels on them.  They look just like Canneh, Gideon, and Mizar!
Camel Bookmarks
Brilliant Bugs
You might never find a bug as colorful as Beetlebopper, but if you are interested in insects, the Bug Guide page has lots of fascinating (and sometimes gross) information you will love.
Fantastic Fairies
If you enjoyed Have You Seen a Fairy? then be sure to check out Fairy Village for more information and fun fairy facts. 
Summer Bubbles
Is it A Summer Day with nothing to do? Go outside, blow bubbles, and watch them glitter in the sun. Our page on Blowing Bubbles will tell you how.
Fabulous Funny Frogs
If you love Isaac the Frog, you'll love The Froggy Page.  It has frog pictures, frog songs, frog stories, frog sounds, frog facts, frog jokes, and answers to all your questions about frogs.
    Santa, Santa Everywhere
In Who IS Santa? you found out that Santa can have many faces.  At Christmas Connection, you will find out some of Santa's many names from around the world. You can also read Christmas poems on this site.
Baseball Caps Galore
If you want a cap like Tricia and The Blue Cap then go to Kids Caps for lots of choices.